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2013-2014 Outstanding Student Leader Award Semifinalists

Student Affairs Mission

We foster social and learning environments that enhance students’ lives, preparing them for lifelong success.

Dr. Juan Franco, Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Vision

We create an environment where students feel they matter.

Chancellor outlines new 'Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever' proposals

During the fall semester a few incidents suggesting racial bigotry or insensitivity occurred at UNL. These incidents were very unfortunate and very disappointing. They provoked an understandable response from students, faculty, and staff and demands for further efforts on the part of the university. The resulting conversation revolved around a broader set of concerns about perceived barriers to success for diverse students of all kinds and proposals for ameliorating those barriers.  [Click here or on the headline above for more information on the Chancellor's proposal as published in UNL Today on January 23, 2014.]

Student Affairs Assessment

Results from Student Affairs research that shows "What Matters."

Student Affairs Priorities

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Student Affairs Framework for Creating a Socially Just and Inclusive Environment: 2013-2018

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Power of Parenting

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs expects all first-year students to complete an Online Alcohol Education Program.  Please use this as an opportunity to communicate your expectations and encourage them to think through outcomes of the choices they make.

University Health Center

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