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Student Affairs Programs Increase Graduation Persistence

Data from three Student Affairs departments shows consistent increases in first-year student retention and graduation rates when compared with University of Nebraska-Lincoln peers who did not participate in the program or service. Read more>>

Franco's List recipients for spring 2016.

Seeking Nominations for Franco's List

The Character Council is seeking nominations for Franco’s List, a public recognition for students of integrity. Nominations are open through Oct. 28. Read more>>

Orientation polo drawing

NSE Applications Available

Students who are orientation leaders regularly practice job skills like problems solving, communication and teamwork —making it the ultimate internship. New Student Enrollment applications are due Nov. 10. Read more>>

Family poses for photo with giant picture frame at University of Nebraska-Lincoln Family Weekend

Nearly 400 Participants Enjoy Family Weekend

The UNL Parents Association and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs sponsored Family Weekend, Sept. 23-25. Activities included a welcome dinner, a football stadium tour, a geocaching challenge, an ice cream social, a Husker football watch party and more. See photos>>

UNL students help prepare taxes through VITA program

$1.9 Million in Grants and Sponsorships Fund Student Affairs Programs

Six departments and more than 16 programs in the Division of Student Affairs benefitted from $1,914,646 in grant and sponsorship funds during the 2016 calendar year. Read more>>

UNL Student Code of Conduct
Sexual Misconduct

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We foster social and learning environments that enhance students' lives, preparing them for lifelong success.

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We create an environment where students feel they matter.

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs.

A Division which fosters student success by creating an environment in which every student matters. We strive to ensure that every student not only succeeds but thrives. With programs that provide for safety, security, dining, shelter, and physical and emotional well-being, we try to provide for the basic needs of students to prepare them for the rigor of college life.

We also strive to develop the whole person with special emphasis on leadership, character, integrity, caring for others and becoming civic-minded citizens. At UNL, we want students to become globally engaged citizens who are prepared to live, work and thrive in increasingly interdependent societies. We encourage students to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them. We foster personal growth, skill development, and broad-based experimental learning in a diverse community which contributes significantly to students’ overall success at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and prepares them for life-long personal and professional enrichment.

Juan N. FrancoVice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Chancellor outlines new 'Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever' proposals

In the fall of 2014 a few incidents suggesting racial bigotry or insensitivity occurred at UNL. These incidents were very unfortunate and very disappointing. They provoked an understandable response from students, faculty, and staff and demands for further efforts on the part of the university. The resulting conversation revolved around a broader set of concerns about perceived barriers to success for diverse students of all kinds and proposals for ameliorating those barriers.  [Updated — click here for more information on the Chancellor's recommendations as published in UNL Today on Feb. 9, 2016.]

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