Show Your Red


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It's part of being a Husker. Do the right thing and when you spot others doing the same, spread the word.

Get Involved - spread the word!


When you see someone go out of their way to do the right thing, it's worth sharing.

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Get Caught Doing the Right Thing!

When you do the right thing, you might be tagged by Student Affairs staff with one of six badges - one for each of the building blocks of integrity. Stick them on your bag and Show Your Red!

The Building Blocks of Integrity


Engaging in service and community.

Citizenship in this sense is about being active and engaged in a greater community beyond one's self.


Following through on obligations.

Dependability is revealed through consistently delivering on expectations.


Being faithful to a cause.

Commitment is a willingness to focus on and stay true to a cause regardless of circumstances.


Showing deference or esteem.

Respect means recognizing that someone or something has value and engaging it with that in mind.


Feeling actively interested or concerned.

Caring means investing your time and interest, in essence, sharing your most valuable assets.


Being willing to accept others' ideas.

Open-mindedness starts with being willing to listen and but truly lies within a capacity to accept ideas outside of your own.

The purpose of the Show Your Red campaign is to encourage positive behavior - behavior of integrity - by giving University of Nebraska-Lincoln students positive feedback on such behavior.

This campaign is about celebrating the positive characteristics that are part of being a person of integrity, demonstrating the very best qualities of a Husker. The traits of integrity include citizenship, dependability, commitment, respect, open-mindedness, and caring.

Show Your Red is an initiative of the UNL Office of Student Affairs.