Student Absence Policy

Student Absence Policy

Approved by the Faculty Senate on February 5, 2013

University sponsored activities, including intercollegiate athletics, may cause a student to need to be excused from a class, lab, or studio obligation. In all such instances, it is the student's responsibility to request permission for the absence (preferably in writing) from the instructor and to discuss how the absence would affect her/his ability to meet the course requirements. A student should do this as soon in the semester as possible. While instructors should seek to the greatest extent practicable, consistent with course requirements, to make reasonable accommodation for a student involved in University sponsored activities, a student should recognize that not every course can accommodate excused absences, and neither absence nor notification of an absence, relieves her/him from meeting the course requirements.

Faculty Senate Class Attendance Policy

Faculty Senate Student Absence Policy Form

Student Absence Notifications

Students may experience a variety of challenges during their college career which cause them to miss classes for a period of time. As a courtesy to students and faculty members, Student Affairs will provide a notification prior to an absence occurring.

If you are unable to reach faculty members yourself, we will contact your advisor, the dean and associate dean of your college, and faculty for your currently enrolled courses. Absence notifications are available for the following reasons:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Personal tragedy
  • Mental health crises

All absences must have supporting documentation. Notifications are not available after the absence has taken place.

Absence Notification Request Form

This form should be submitted with proper documentation within the two weeks prior to the absence. As stated in the Class Attendance Policy approved by the Faculty Senate: You are responsible for the attendance policy set by your instructor and should clear absences directly with that instructor.