Student Affairs priorities announced

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Student Affairs priorities announced

University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus

New priorities for Student Affairs were announced on August 1 in an email to division employees. In the communication Laurie Bellows, interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs, introduced herself, explained her interim role and outlined the following five priorities.

#1 - Organizational Structure of Student Affairs

Upon recommendation from the Campus Union Program Review and in consultation with Charlie Francis and Veronica Riepe, Student Involvement will report directly to the Nebraska Unions. Stan Campbell, Charlie Foster, Charlie Francis, Sue Gildersleeve, Matt Hecker and Linda Major will serve as members of the senior team. Other unit directors (Sam Goodin, Linda Schwartzkopf and Cay Yamamaoto) will continue to report directly to Dr. Bellows, as will Lauren Gayer. As more information related to structural issues, budget and resources is ascertained, the structure of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs may change.

#2 - Student Conduct

John Lenich, professor of Law, will join Students Affairs in August as Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor. Lenich is an experienced civil procedures lawyer, and has served as a member of the University Judicial Board, the ASUN Electoral Commission and the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. In his role, Lenich will examine student conduct issues, including disciplinary procedures, policies and best practices. The goal is to ensure the university has the appropriate student conduct procedures in place, that students’ rights are protected, that institutional interests are promoted, and that the code of conduct is a meaningful tool for promoting campus civility, community, and professional conduct.

#3 - Student Well-being

Connie Boehm, a nationally recognized expert in the field of student well-being, is conducting a campus-wide resource review examining how Student Affairs — and other campus units— map with the nine dimensions of student well-being (emotional, career, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial, creative and environmental). The audit is expected to identify potential partners and/or collaborations among the campus and community to provide a more integrated network approach to student wellness.

#4 - #GreekVitality

Students, Greek advisors, alumni and other stakeholders were charged to examine ways in which Greek Life at Nebraska could be enriched. Eighty-three individuals, assigned to 11 different work groups, spent several weeks taking online surveys, reviewing documents, gathering data and developing recommendations. On June 28, the work groups reported out their findings and recommendations, which are now being translated into next steps (i.e., goals, objectives and strategies for implementation).

#5 - High Risk Alcohol Behavior

Linda Majors’ work with the Campus-Community Task Force to Reduce High-Risk Drinking resulted in a strategic plan to address the negative consequences associated with high-risk alcohol abuse. Many of the strategies outlined by this task force cut across other priorities and will require collaborative efforts between Student Affairs units and other campus partners.

In addition to the listed priorities, Dr. Bellows shared her excitement that renovations to the East Union and a proposal for outdoor recreation courts on East Campus are in progress.

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