Student Affairs Funding Resources

Funding Sources:

  • Council of Student Affairs Directors (CSAD) Diversity Program Fund
  • Pepsi Diversity Program Fund
  • Pepsi Student Events Fund
  • Council of Student Affairs Directors (CSAD) Diversity Conference Attendance Fund


  • Must be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) in total compliance.
  • Must have approval from RSO's advisor.
  • Must have a current account in the Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS) Office or cost object number.
  • UNL academic departments or colleges may request funding from the Pepsi Student Events Fund for special events in which large numbers of high school students will be in attendance on campus.

Funding decisions will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Has the student organization/department done any fundraising on its own?
  • What other sources of revenue have been investigated?
  • Is there evidence of collaboration and sponsorship with others?
  • What impact will this program have on the campus? Will it reach a broad segment of the student population?
  • For CSAD Diversity and Pepsi Diversity programs: Will this program meet the diverse needs of the student population at UNL? Or does this program work to increase awareness and understanding of all types of diversity?

Application Process (Must complete all steps) :

  • Requests must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the event or conference.
  • Applications must include your SOFS account number and current monetary balance.
  • Past event evaluations must be completed if you wish to be funded in the future.
  • Guidelines and all required forms are available below.
  • Requests must include both the completed Event Information Form and Event Budget Form.
  • The Budget Form will be submitted twice, first with the Estimated Expense column completed and then with the Actual Expenses.
  • All requests should be submitted by your advisor to
  • If an event is canceled, the RSO or UNL department must return the funds to the appropriate funding committee.
  • Approval of a funding  request does not imply funding approval from similar or same events in subsequent years.

Acknowledgement Requirement :

RSOs receiving funding support from the Pepsi Diversity Program Fund will be expected to include the appropriate jpg. below in program announcements and event programs. (To download the image, just put the cursor over the image and right click, then save the image where you can access it.)
     CSAD Diversity Program                        Pepsi Diversity Program Funding & Pepsi Student Events Funding

CSAD Diversity Program ImagePepsi Diversity Program and Pepsi Student Events Funding Image

Downloadable Forms