Services for Students with Disabilities


We foster social and learning environments that enhance students’ lives, preparing them for lifelong success.


We create an environment where students feel they matter.

Core Values

The UNL Division of Student Affairs embraces the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Core Values of:

  • Learning that prepares students for lifetime success and leadership;
  • Excellence pursued without compromise;
  • Achievement supported by a climate that celebrates each person's success;
  • Diversity of ideas and people;
  • Engagement with academic, business, and civic communities throughout Nebraska and the world;
  • Research and creative activity that informs teaching, fosters discovery, and contributes to the economic prosperity and our quality of life;
  • Stewardship of the human, financial, and physical resources committed to our care.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Division of Student Affairs is integral to the University in its dedicated mission to teaching, research, and service. The Division of Student Affairs programs, services, facilities, and dedicated staff complement the University’s mission and more specifically, the 2020 target goals related to enrollment, the six-year graduation rate, and research funding. The Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan is designed not only to be responsive to these institutional strategic indicators but also to matters of national significance.

The Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan is intended to challenge current ways of thinking and implementation; uniquely identify Divisional priorities; and affirm the commitment of the Division to be an active partner in the life and functions of the University in an ongoing and deliberate manner. This plan is a living document which will adjust to the ever changing culture of our students, University, nation, and global society.



Participate in the university's mission of teaching, research and service.

Goal 12 - Collaborate with the academic community to develop a seamlesscurriculum integrating classroom learning with opportunities for application.
  • 12.4 Enhance the efficacy of services for students with disabilities by seeking feedback from faculty and student and by conducting on- going evaluations of individual accommodation procedures (Services for Students with Disabilities).
Goal 15 - Provide information and services to external audiences including, but not limited to, UNL alumni, parents of students currently enrolled at UNL and society at large.
  • 15.2 15.2 Provide information about Services for Students with Disabilities and conduct training for high schools, parents, state agencies and other post-secondary institutions (Services for Students with Disabilities).


Conscientiously manage the human, financial, and physical resources committed to our care.

Goal 19 - Develop and maintain technological systems and services that reflect the best practices of student services and meet the needs of UNL students, faculty and staff.
Goal 20 - Seek and maintain the resources needed to aggressively pursue excellence.
  • 20.1 Conduct an annual review of accommodation services and seek appropriate resources and physical space to meet the increased and diverse needs of students with disabilities (Services for Students with Disabilities).