Office of Student Assistance

Canfield Administration Building

What does the Office of Student Assistance do?

The Office of Student Assistance Director is located within the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office, 106 Canfield Administration Building, and is designated by the university to assist student members of the campus community:

  1. To resolve issues or questions of concern or dissatisfaction regarding their rights;
  2. To understand and follow the policies and procedures of the university; and
  3. To function effectively within the university system.

The Director may assist in the resolution of academic, administrative, or personal problems that cannot otherwise be resolved equitably within existing mechanisms.

The Director also assists the university in monitoring, evaluating, and formulating policies and procedures regarding the rights and responsibilities of the individual and of the institution.

In the fulfillment of these responsibilities the Director:

  1. Remains impartial and independent of pressure or control, but responsible to do all in her/his power to resolve problems in an equitable manner.
  2. Is an advocate of no particular person or group.
  3. May listen to, investigate, and seek to mediate and resolve complaints and grievances brought to her/his attention.
  4. May recommend appropriate changes or solutions.
  5. Shall have no authority to overturn, reverse, or modify such policies, procedures, practices, or decisions.

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No person shall suffer any penalty because of seeking help from the Office of Student Assistance. All information presented to the office shall be considered confidential unless a complainant authorizes release of such information.